Barnwell Print Website

Project Type: WordPress Website Design Upgrade
Client: Barnwell Print. Printer covering Norwich & Norfolk.
Client Relationship: 2008 to present

A new Barnwell Print website by doodle wesbite design co is coming soon!

While officially the UK’s oldest family-run print company, Barnwell Print pride themselves on innovation and have always fully embraced modernisation. We originally set up a website for the Norfolk based printers in 2008, but the company were keen to be one of the first to upgrade to responsive website design. Responsive website design ensures accessibility for customers on mobile devices and Google may not display your website prominently on mobile devices if your website design doesn’t conform.

This website design upgrade to WordPress in 2012 made our first fully accessible mobile-freindly website design. The WordPress website design theme replaced an original non-Wordpress website we created back in 2008.

Is your website design mobile-friendly? If not, give us a call or email now for a quote or advice about responsive website design.